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Middle Eastern Cuisine in Richardson

If you are looking for Middle Eastern Cuisine in Richardson, Texas look no further than the Sultan Café. From hot wings and French fries to lentils, tabouli, and hummus - we've got it all! Our shawarmas are to die for! We've got entrees priced for the individual as well as the group or family budget. We've also got kids meals as well as baklava and other oriental delights for desert. Our place is cool enough to hang alone or with your friends, or even your whole family!

Are you having trouble finding real Middle Eastern Cuisine in Richardson? We have real kebbah, and we also use real lamb in our lamb dishes. Some places use chicken or a mix of lamb and some other meat. (Our lamb is so tender and juicy it is practically falling apart!) We also have a variety of other authentic Middle Eastern dishes deliciously seasoned and delectably spiced. Sultan Cafe is the place to visit for authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine in Richardson! It just doesn't get any better than the Sultan Cafe, folks!

If you have never had real Middle Eastern Cuisine and are adventurous, we would like to suggest our Sultan appetizer. It features a nice introduction to Middle Eastern Cuisine, including: Hummus - a bean dip made from garbanzo beans, Baba Ganoush - a tasty paste made from egg plants similar in consistency and texture to mashed potatoes, Falafel - a mixture of herbs and spices that is deep fried and similar in taste and texture to a meatball, Fattoush - a bread salad made from fried pita bread, Kebbah - raw chopped liver, and finally hot wings.

For those who are new to Middle Eastern Cuisine and who are less adventurous but equally curious, we suggest the Chicken Shawarma. It's our personal favorite! Don't forget we also have a 'To-Go' menu!

We specialize in Middle Eastern Cuisine in Richardson, and we aim to please our customers. A sultan is Middle Eastern royalty - at Sultan cafe, you really are a Sultan. We also have a wonderful and friendly wait staff to help us achieve customer satisfaction. We also cater parties and events, so remember us when you have an event - whether it is a baby shower, wedding, company get together or other event. (Call us for details.)

Don't forget to try our hookahs!

Dates are filling up! Book your event today, contact us online or call us for more information on catering 972-235-7900.