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While visiting Texas, visited this place twice in 2 days. Yeah, that's how much I enjoyed it. The first night, visited this place with a friend. Walked in on a Sunday night and this place was packed. We found a seat and ordered some food and hooka. The hooka came out quick and it was amazing. So smooth and flavorful. The food on the other hand, never came out. Our server was too busy smiling and walking around flirting that she probably forgot our order. After about an hour of smoking hooka we asked her about our order and she had no idea. Yeah. That's the only issue we had here. 

So we decided to visit again during the afternoon again for hooka and lunch. The food was amazing! We really enjoyed the gyro sandwich combo, the hummus, and the baba ghanouj. Their portions were good and the food was so so so tasty! I just wish we had more time in Dallas so I could visit again and try their other dishes. 

Great hooka and great food!!

Hina Q.

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This place is great.  My wife and I go here often for hookah and just hanging out.

Hands down the best (and I don't say that lightly) fresh baked khubz (bread) and hummus I've had in Dallas.  Combine that with a nice pot of hot mint tea and you've got one heck of a delicious late night snack.

My Lebanese grandparents would approve!


Jason J.

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5+ year customer. 

Before I found this place I used to frequent Jasmines with my friends but that place just became a hangout for teeny boppers.

- good atmosphere
- delicious food
- great service
- awesome hookahs

we never have to look at a menu, Adel, who works there knows exactly what my friends and I want. It consists, waters, maybe a pepsi or two, hummus with 2 to 3 breads, tomatoes and pickles and of course, a hookah. Flavor? we never get the same flavor, Adel always mixes us a new flavor when we go. 

We come here maybe 4-5 times a month. I know the owners and workers there, it's been a pleasure watching the kids grow up and love how they can just sit down with us and have a conversation. 

*things to note* their Chicken Schwarma and Gyros are delish.

Phillp D.

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Best hookah in Dallas.  Ownership was super friendly, great selection, and best of all, the all natural charcoal.  The hoses and pipes seem well kept.  Not a fan of the non-English speaking coal lady, but great smoke none-the-less.  

I run a hookah lounge in Boston, I would recommend this place to anybody.

Alex L.

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This restaurant located just off Greenville Avenue, is a great place to try Middle Eastern Cuisine....I went with a group , and as such, we were served "Family Style"...We had a Garden Salad along with several types of Hummus served with the Manakeesh eg., Spinach and Pesto, along with the Baba Ghanouj....For the main course we had (believe it or not) "French" Fries..along with Fried rice and Beef, Chicken, and Lamb Kabobs...for dessert we had a sweet cheese topped with fried dough.....and while you're there ya gotta try the Hookah and get them smoke rings goin'.......!!!

Ed K.

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It might not the fanciest Middle Eastren place in town ... but the food is the bestest. You should also try this dessert called Kinafeh ... make sure to ask for fresh baked one.  Yum!!! The hookah is great too. Tons of flavors. In Ramadan ... the holy month of fasting they have the best dinner buffet at sunset.  Worth every penny. Best Middle Eastern restaurant  in Dallas and the owners are wonderful.

Waseem N.

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My family and I visited Sultan Café last week because we love Mediterranean food. You all really served us above standard quality food. I had the Chicken Shawarma Sandwich with Grape Leaves and Hummos. I was very pleased with the way that all of my food turned out-I can’t even pick what my favorite part of the meal was! Best of all, my youngest child enjoyed his food as well. I will certainly return especially to eat more of the Kunafe plate. The Kunafe you made was hands down the best that I have ever had. The cheese in the dessert was especially perfect. Above all else, thank you for having excellent customer service. Our server was friendly and quick to assist us, and even the chef came out to our table to make a recommendation. We had a delightful lunch, and we will be returning. Thanks, Sultan Café.

The Hendrickson Family

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I had such a wonderful time at Sultan Café this weekend! My girlfriends and I visited so we can try some hookah, which was fabulous! There was a wide range of fruity flavors! We also indulged in a few choices of desserts: the Baklava, Kunafe, and Rice Pudding. All three were completely delicious and delightful, but the Kunafe stood out to me with its crunchy top layer, and melted cheese inside. After we were done with the dessert and hookah, we relaxed with some hot tea and enjoyed the music. My girlfriends were really glad that I picked your café to visit, and it will be our new hang out spot for our weekly get-togethers! Thanks for the great service!

Tanya Riley

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